super napkin

There's Nothing That Cannot Beat Me

當一切聲音停下,你才發現我們已經到了很遠的地方,到了那個當時我們以為還要很久很久才會來到的,像是比外太空還要遠的 2020 年代。 —— 林易澄


  • 1.Now I am Getting Stuck into Your Dream
  • 2.There’s Nothing That Cannot Beat Me
  • 3.Sonic Candy Pepper Blitz
  • 4.Nothing’s Wrong It’s Always Wrong
  • 5.Diamond Shaped Hearts pt.3


Tracking/Mixing/Mastering - Brian Elgin

Art & Design - Sherry Chen

Recording Studio - 笨喵喵錄音室

All Sounds Made by Super Napkin

Released by Airhead Records (AR-017, 2020-05-11)


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